20s & 30s

Our Young Adults (20s/30s) meet fortnightly on Sundays at 7pm for an event called Real Life. We wanted to create a community of both christians and people who wouldn't call themselves christians; where people feel free to be honest and open with one another and can hear stories about other's lives and faith. The relaxed atmosphere allows us to come alongside and encourage one another and break down preconceptions about what church is like. 

We have recently done a series on the Quarter Life Crisis, thinking about issues such as loneliness and dissatisfaction among this age group. At each evening we have loads of discussion around interesting questions, listen to an interview, eat lots of snacks and hear a talk around the key topic.

We are always open to everyone, but do put on one-off events throughout the year such as Open Mic Nights, quizzes and one-off talks which are specifically aimed at bringing in new people. 

We usually meet at the Dolphin Café (316 High Street, SM1 1PR) at the bottom of Sutton High Street, but throughout the lockdown period we’ve been meeting virtually on Zoom. Check out our calendar in ‘What’s On’ to see when our next Real Life is and find the details to join, or follow us on Instagram or Facebook @reallifesutton.

To get in contact please email hello@reallifesutton.com